'Day of Rage' protestors gather in front of White House in support of Michael Brown, injustice in Ferguson, Mo.

      WASHINGTON (WJLA) - On Thursday night, protestors gathered in front of the White House to show their support for Michael Brown's family and call attention to what they call injustice in Ferguson, Mo.

      Tensions in Ferguson appear to be easing nearly two weeks after police officer Darren Wilson shot and killed 18-year-old Brown; there was a police presence in the St. Louis suburb Thursday night, but luckily no violence.

      Brown's parents told CNN they're still reeling from their son's murder, but are feeling some comfort after speaking with Attorney General Eric Holder.

      "He's supporting us," said Michael Brown Sr. "He says he's not gonna stop; he's gonna help us all the way through."

      Outside the White House, protestors chanted "No justice, no peace," and "Hands up, don't shoot," repeatedly. They were not strong in numbers, but that didn't lessen the power of their collective voices. A small crowd gathered, standing in solidarity with strangers from a town 800 miles away.

      "I'm angry," said protestor Monty Martin. "I'm sad that we have to have communities in the United States that are more like war zones."

      Lisa Pointer showed up at the protest, even though she heard it had been canceled. She took the mic to take a stand.

      "I am here because, in America, black men are under attack," Pointer said. "They are constantly killed, with no justice."

      "Day of Rage" protests were held across the country, fueled by the quest for justice in Ferguson.

      "It does let people know we're sick of hearing of this same news story over and over again," said protestor Abi DeLeon. "Unarmed white kids aren't getting shot every couple months; this doesn't keep happening. It's an issue of police racially profiling."

      Protestors who showed up at the White House Thursday told ABC 7 News there is another protest planned for Saturday, although they weren't sure where it would be held.