David Krupski killing: James Murray, Andre Attaway arrested

Still on the floor of the apartment where 54 year old David Krupski spent the last minutes of his life are his eyeglasses, a jacket and a trail of blood.

Police Sunday arrested 16 year old Andre Attaway and 17 year old James Murray and charged them with murder. Neighbors say Krupski had been working on his basement unit at the Bladensburg condominium for the past few weeks.

“I think it's awful. It was pretty bad around here. Police have done a great job of cleaning this place up. I think this is just an isolated incident,” said neighbor Nathaniel Sellers.

Saturday night, police received a disorderly conduct call and a report of two suspects with shovels chasing a man outside the condominiums on Newton Street.

A trail of blood leads outside the complex down the street. Police found Krupski's body a few feet away off the road. People who live and work in the complex saw Krupski working on his apartment all the time.

“He was a great guy to me to somebody else he didn't seem to be such a great guy,” said maintenance worker Issac Jackson.

Attaway and Murray, both of nearby Hyattsville, police say confessed to the murder. Police say the teens robbed Krupski in the apartment and when he tried to flee, they chased him and beat him to death.