'Blue Caprice' brings back memories of D.C. snipers

Actor Isaiah Washington, left, plays John Muhammad, Tequan Richmond plays the teen Lee Malvo in "Blue Caprice."

A new movie, based on the 2002 D.C. sniper attacks, is bringing back unpleasant memories for those who lived in fear until the snipers were caught.

The independent film is titled "Blue Caprice" and it opened Friday at two local theaters, telling the story of the period October 2-22, 2002 when 13 people were shot, 10 of them killed.

For one woman who lived through the fear 11 years ago, the Blue Caprice is not her kind of movie.

Actor Isaiah Washington plays John Muhammad, Tequan Richmond plays the teen Lee Malvo.

The havoc Muhammad and Malvo inflicted on the D.C. area is still vivid, in places like a barbershop at Georgia Ave. and Kalmia in D.C. near where Pascal Charlot, 72, was killed.

"Two guys were out back smoking. They saw the Caprice pull away, but they didn't know what had happened because nobody would have thought they would be shooting out of the trunk," says Charles Price, a barber.

"A lot people were scared," Latoya Tucker says.

The snipers killed James Martin, 55, outside a grocery store in Wheaton. Shoppers there remember.

"It was a little scary. As you came out of the car, you would sort of hide behind a tree, just in case those snipers happened to be around," says Sylvia Raphael, a Maryland resident.

They also killed Lori Ann Lewis-Rivera, 25, outside a Shell station in Kensington, Maryland, one of several gas station shootings.

"You were afraid to do anything. It was very scary, if you were pumping gas you were hiding behind your car," says Helen Montfort.

Some compare it to the recent Navy Yard shootings. They remember the look out for a white box truck, when it turned out to be a blue Chevrolet Caprice, fitted for killing.

"I wouldn't want to spent any money for that. Lived through it, that's enough," one resident says.

John Muhammad was executed in 2009. Lee Boyd Malvo is in a Virginia prison, serving a life sentence.

The movie is not expected to be blockbuster nationwide, but is expected to do well in the D.C. area where what happened back then affected so many

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