'Blacks in Wax' show a journey through history

The kids lined up outside the tennis center from schools all over Southeast to see the annual African American history show, “Blacks in Wax” - except there was no wax, just kids playing as if they were wax figures when you stepped on the button.

It’s the sixth annual exhibition and show, with children are portraying 70 influential figures in African American history. On Saturday, march 3rd, they're taking their performance to the Kennedy Center.

There was Frederick Douglass, boxer Mohammad Ali's daughter Layla Ali and others.

Students moved through the living exhibit, hearing the life stories of historical black figures from school mates playing the roles and learning themselves.

It's Tennis Center Director Cora Masters Barry's project

"We're trying to come up with a way to teach children their history in a creative way that they wouldn't forget it an d enjoy it,” Barry says.