'Ask Me About D.C.' fair held on Capitol Hill

On Capitol Hill, it's not often that politicians and their aides sing the praises of Washington. And yet, that's exactly what happened Wednesday inside the Cannon House Office Building.

Of course, it may have helped that free food was involved. “Free items cross party lines,” joked Hill staffer Carl Nicholas.

Hundreds of workers flooded the Ask Me About D.C. fair, hosted by Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton and DestinationDC.

“Congressional staff and Members are the best messengers of what's going on in Washington,” Norton said. “Their constituents come. They come to see them but they also come to see us.”

Local businesses promoted their latest and greatest offerings to the crowd and the promise of free food helped attract throngs of 20-something aides and interns.

Elliot Ferguson, President and CEO of DestinationDC said, “Our goal is to expose members of Congress, especially those freshman moving to the city, to things to do in D.C. So it's to give them a sense that Washington is their home now and we welcome them into the community.”

Congress is currently in recess, so organizers did not expect many lawmakers to attend, but their aides and staffers certainly did. Off camera, many of them acknowledged that their bosses do refer to Washington in a negative context more often than not. However, they said, that's just politics – not personal.