Young boy writes second book to raise money for seizure research

(WJLA) - Evan Moss and his service dog, Mindy, are inseperable.

Mindy has an important job - she alerts when Evan is having or about to have a seizure.

A few years ago, Evan raised the $13,000 needed to get Mindy - by writing and selling a book called "My Seizure Dog."

In fact, he actually raised $50,000,and helped seven other kids get service dogs too.

Naturally, his mother couldn't be more proud.

"It's pretty impressive to see what Evan has done," said Lisa Moss.

Evan says he is just happy to help.

"It just makes me feel good to know kids are being helped," Evan said.

Now, Evan the writer is back at it. His second book is called "My Life With TSC."

"I incorporated racing a cheetah, turning into a lion and having a zombie eat my brain," Evan says of his latest work.

Evan's condition, TSC, is a genetic disorder that causes tumors to grow in Evan's organs, including his brain and kidneys, and also causes him to have a lot of seizures.

"By the time Evan was 4 years old, he was having 300 to 400 seizures a month," his mother explains.

Evan had brain surgery that stopped the seizures for a few years. Now, he has one every 10 days or so, he said - usually when he's asleep.

"They're scary. They last upwards of 10 minutes, which is considered life-threatening," said Lisa. "We've called 911 several times."

Evan said he wrote his second book to raise money for TSC research.

"My goal was to raise a lot of money with my second book so that kids with TSC would have a cure," Evan said.

Evan said he's really hoping the President might help make that happen.

"Mr. Obama - if you're watching this- I want you to come my book signing Saturday at Grounded coffee shop," says Evan.