What do your shoes say about you? A lot, study finds

(Photo: punainenkala/flickr)

How much do your shoes say about you and your personality? Researchers at the University of Kansas say a lot.

But it might not be that simple.

“You look at a shoe and you think you know a person but people understand that the shoes are a communication device,” said Dr. Chris Crandall, a psychology professor at the University of Kansas. “People choose shoes to send a message, but what we found is that those messages are often not correct.”

Dr. Crandall, who led{ }the study, says from looking at pictures of shoes, college students were able to accurately predict the owners’ age, gender and approximate income, as well as some information about their character and emotional state.

“A fancy shoe or a shoe in good shape was thought to be somebody who had their act together, who was high in emotional stability … that's not what we found,” Crandall added.

For example, the study found that people who wear high-tops tend to be standoffish and introverted. It also revealed that people who wore stylish new shows were likely to earn more money.

Some say the higher the heels, the closer to heaven.

But Dr. Crandall says “as the heels go up, emotional stability goes down.”

However, some women tell us they feel high heels make them feel more stable in certain situations.

“I’m going to see my daughter in Denver next week and she's taking me to a political function and I need political function lawyer shoes," Marian Van Lieshoud{ } said. "I want to look like I’m important."

According to the study, people who wear bright, colorful, brand name sneakers tend to be more emotionally stable. It also finds that people who wear worn-in shoes tend to be more extroverted and emotionally stable.

But if you assume people who wear Birkenstocks are very liberal, think again. The study says they’re not.