Tiffany Bond, DCPS worker, dies from meningitis

WASHINGTON (WJLA) - D.C. Public Schools has confirmed that it was a cafeteria manager at John Carroll Nalle Elementary School that died of meningitis on Sunday.

Staffers and parents tell us her name was Tiffany Bond, and that she was loved by many.

"She was a friend of mine," says co-worker DeJesus Lilly. "I spoke to her everyday I came in here... She was in the lunchroom getting the kids food -- it's still shocking that she's gone."

In a statement, DCPS said the worker died of pneumococcal meningitis, and that “although this form of illness does not require a full-scale cleaning, out of an abundance of caution, DCPS chose to clean and disinfect the school..."

Some parents say they are satisfied with the way the school has handled the situation.

"I am satisfied with the information we were provided; I was assured that the janitorial staff had cleaned up and disinfected," says parent Dennita Ferrell.{ }

But others remain worried.

"My kids have 8 a.m. appointments to get checked out...because she was working with the kids' food," says worried parent Takeena James.{ }

The school sent a letter home to parents from the health department explaining the symptoms and how the disease is spread. But according to the Advisory Neighborhood Commission, there should have been more notification.

"They need to notify more than the parents, because this is a community," says Mary Jackson with the ANC. "These kids play in this community, they are up and down the streets."