TeVido BioDevices uses 3D printing to create breast tissue implants

(WJLA) - A Texas-based company is working on what may become the cutting edge in helping women recover mentally and physically from cancer surgery.

KEYE-TV says that a lab at the University of Texas-El Paso, which houses TeVido BioDevices, recently used a 3D printer and women's cells to create breast tissue to implant onto a survivor of breast cancer.

The patient, Valerie Schwarzwaelder, underwent a double mastectomy earlier this month as part of her treatment for breast cancer. Now, doctors are hailing this new type of possible breast reconstruction as a "game changer."

"We have a combination of living cells and ingredients that we use inside these cartridges, and layer by layer we build up either the nipple or lumpectomy void to match what is what you need and what you are missing," TeVido BioDevices CEO Laura Bosworth told KEYE.

For more on how cosmetic surgeons are helping the survivors of cancer in their recovery, watch Gretz Kreuz's story tonight on ABC7 News at 11.