Tebowing while chemoing: Tim Tebow becomes fan of Md. boy

Joey Norris, right, with his biggest fan, some guy named Tim Tebow.

A day before their next playoff game, the Denver Broncos and their fans hold a rally, cheering on their star Tim Tebow.

And there's one local fan who has a special reason to root on the Broncos quarterback.

Tebow has captivated a lot of fans this year. but a local boy, 13-year-old Joey Norris,has turned the superstar into a superfan.

"I sort of jumped on the Tim Tebow bandwagon this year," Norris says.

But Joey isn't just like every other fan. Four years ago he was diagnosed with leukemia.

After undergoing aggressive treatments of chemo, steroids and spinal taps, his cancer went into remission.

But two years later, he relapsed.

"To hear you have to go through all of his again, that's the worst thing," he says.

After countless hours receiving chemo in the hospital, Norris got a suggestion from his dad.

"I'm there. He's watching TV and I said, 'Joey have you heard about Tebowing?'" says Jim Norris, his father. "Then ten minutes later he said, 'I want to try that.'"

He snapped a picture of Norris, dubbed it "Tebowing while chemoing" and then they tweeted it to Tebow himself.

And Tebow responded, saying it was his favorite tweet of the day.

"I was completely ecstatic," Norris says. "I thought it couldn't get any better than that."

But it did. In a lockerroom interview that night, Tebow mentioned Norris.

And two months later, he was featured in an ESPN story.

Later that day, Norris stood on the sidelines of a Broncos home game and met Tebow in person.

After the game, the two hung out one-on-one.

Though Norris may, at times, feel like the underdog in his daily battle, he says Tebow has inspired him to find a way to win. No matter what.

"When it's that time to start winning the war," he says. "It's Tebow time. And good things will happen."

Norris says he'll have another chance to meet with Tebow - if the Broncos are able to square off against the Ravens in Baltimore in the next round of the playoffs.

So, you can bet he'll be cheering hard tomorrow night.