Supreme Court to address Obama health care overhaul

Monday, the nine justices will hear arguments on the crux of the legal challenge that focuses on the requirement that most Americans buy health insurance, or face fines if they do not.

The Obama administration is defending the provision and says the mandate is essential to keep insurance companies from refusing coverage. They are confident this law will be upheld.

“By the end of this decade, we're going to be very glad the Republicans termed this Obamacare, because when the reality of health care is in place, it's going to be nothing like the kind of fear-mongering that was done,” said Senior Advisor to the President, David Plouffe.

Twenty-six states, including Virginia, are part of the lawsuit against what many in Congress and across the country have dubbed "Obamacare."

Georgia is also part of the suit and Atlanta resident Kathie McClure is in Washington on behalf of her two children who she says both have pre-existing health conditions.

“Both of them are really one job away from not being able to get health insurance coverage,” McClure said.