Sunscreen can slow skin aging, new research shows

Whether we spray it or slather it on, the benefits of wearing sunscreen are becoming even more apparent. The protective lotion not only helps fight the sun’s dangerous rays, but new research now shows that daily use can help your skin stay looking young.

23-year-old Courtney Brown was searching for a broad-spectrum sunscreen at Target today for one primary reason: Cancer runs in her family. But she is now even more encouraged by this new research.

Experts studied 900 adults under the age of 55 and found that after four years, those who put on sunscreen at least once a day saw nearly 25% less skin aging than those who only used it periodically.

Dermatologist Dr. Angela Lotsikas hope that this study will help convince people that it is absolutely necessary to wear broad-spectrum sunscreen year-round.

“People spend a lot of time and a lot of money on products that help them look younger, and sunblock is a very inexpensive way and a very effective way to prevent the aging process,” she says.

Emily Rossmaessler knows the importance of protecting her daughter from the sun, yet this research shows an even greater benefit for herself:

“In my late 20’s it is very interesting, and I think it would motivate me more to make sure I'm wearing sunscreen every day. I never even thought about wearing it in the winter, but the sun is still prevalent in the winter so it could motivate me to wear it every day,” she says.

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