Smart Alarm Clock app claims to help you sleep better

Courtesy: Viaden

Beyond perhaps a higher salary, a bigger house or a better job, there's one common thing that most everyone wants more of.


Good quality sleep is something almost everyone craves, and a new app claims to be able to bring you just that. The developers of the Smart Alarm Clock say their product monitors your sleep cycle and helps wake you up just at the right moment.

"The app will determine your light sleep phase that's closest to the time when you wake up," Ivan Artsimovich, the head of marketing for Viaden, the app's creator, says. "It will file the alarm right at this time."

One ABC 7 employee who tested the application says the Smart Alarm Clock made him realize how much he moves around while he sleeps.

And while some have raised privacy concerns about the app, which records your sleep patterns, graphs and noises in your home, company officials say that all data collected is securely stored only in the app.