Restaurants exceed daily calorie limits

Some restaurants have added how many calories are in certain meals on their menus. And in Montgomery County, nutritional information is required on some menus.

But, a new study says that doesn't make where you go out to eat healthy.

The study, conducted by the Rand corporation, found 96 percent of main entrees sold at top U.S. chain eateries exceed daily limits for calories, sodium, fat and saturated fat recommended by the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Some other interesting finds: appetizers contain more calories than one entrée. Family restaurants are sometimes worse than fast food, filled with more calories, fat and sodium.

And kid specialty drinks aren't healthy. There's more fat and saturated fat on average than regular drinks.

This study comes in the midst of the restaurant industry offering healthier options including children's meals. Even then, the study says, the healthy dining seal of approval is too generous on sodium.