Qsymia - new weight loss drug hits the market

The first prescription weight loss drug in more than a decade is now on the market. Qsymia is a combination of two medications. One is an appetite suppressant and the other reduces cravings for food.

Unlike other weight loss products, the FDA says women of child bearing age can use Qsymia as long as they have a negative pregnancy test before and while taking the drug. They must also use birth control.

Prescription diet drugs have had a troubled past. Meridia was withdrawn in 2010. And Fenfluramine - an ingredient in Fen-Phen - came under fire in 1997 because of heart valve concerns.

"The quick fix never works,” said Rochelle Tschida of Arlington. “My mom, she took diet pills her whole life. She took them and gained the weight right back."

Losing the weight on Qsymia isn’t as easy as popping a pill. Its makers recommend that it be used in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise.

Even with the FDA’s approval, some doctors are concerned about the potential side effects, like an increased heart rate.

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