Obama to face ACA debate after Hawaii

(WJLA) - The skies may be sunny in Hawaii, but the President will soon be returning to gloomy conditions – and not just on the ground.

The White House is calling on the Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor to stop blocking part of the health care law – specifically, the case of nuns running a nursing home, who say their insurance should not have to offer birth control options even if provided for free by a third party.

Meanwhile, the House will challenge the law again next week.

Virginia’s Eric Cantor will schedule the debate, which includes whether the government should have to notify individuals if their personal information on is compromised. Right now, it’s only discretionary.

But some claim that these battles are counterproductive, citing the government shutdown. Congressman Van Hollen on News talk said:

“It was a fool's errand and only hurt the people who were engaged in that fool's errand...Unfortunately, it hurt the country and Standard & Poors said it cost the country $24 billion -- that's unnecessary damage."

And yet, another complaint coming from several Attorney Generals cites the President's decision to let insurance companies offer previously cancelled plans, illegal. While in favor of it, they say that’s for Congress to decide.

"The President and Congress, both of whom are violating this law, have to live by the law everyone else does -- that doesn't seem like too much to ask frankly!" said Ken Cuccinelli.