Pound workout at D.C. gyms

Walk into Balance Gym's Thomas Circle location and you might see something that looks like an audition for the next big music star. But it's actually a new fitness class called “Pound”.

Participants use trademarked Rip Sticks, which are basically plastic, weighted drum sticks. Instructors describe it as muscle-building, fat burning, and a full body work out.

Ash Allen is one of few local fitness gurus certified in Pound instruction. She says in one 30 - 45 minute class, you can burn up to 800 calories, combining hundreds of arm strikes and leg squats.

“When you do Pound you feel like you're not working out,” explained Allen. “You feel like you’re just having fun, letting it rip, just letting go.”

So far Pound has been a hit in the District. Many people tell ABC7 it's a great way to work out and relieve stress for their busy jobs.

“You get really into the music when you're beating along with the music,” said Amanda Schmidt. “So it's really fun and you don't realize you're working out even when your legs start burning.”

In addition to Balance Gym, Vida Fitness and Crunch Gym in the D.C. area offer Pound classes.