Office exercises: Ways to get moving in your cube and at the office

Your new exercise area. Doubles as your workspace. (Photo: Flickr/archie4oz)

According to the American Cancer Society, sitting for more than six hours at a time can greatly increase your chances of getting cancer, diabetes, heart disease or being obese.

But how can you escape sitting for that long every day? Most of us sit in a cubicle or behind a desk for the majority of the workday.

There are still ways to get up and get moving. Several doctors and experts recommend getting up and walking during meetings rather than having them in conference rooms. It really is as simple, sometimes, as standing up and walking around for a while.

However, there are several other ways to get some reps in while under fluorescent lights. Check out some of these, courtesy of and the Mayo Clinic.

Walk or bike to work - If you're close enough, ditch the car and use your feet to get where you're doing

Take the stairs - Forget the elevator. If you're physically able to, climb some steps to get up a few floors.

Stand - Standing, in some small way, burns more calories than sitting. You could try a standing desk, stand while you're on the phone, stand whenever you feel like it.

Meet on the go - Get out of the conference room and walk and talk while having meetings. If it's nice outside, take your meeting there and get some fresh air while you're at it.

Want to step it up even more? Here are some actual exercises you can do at your desk.

Use it as a pushup platform - Perhaps don't actually get up on top of your desk, but use the ledge to do some incline pushups.

Keep equipment in your office - Definitely not a full set of free weights, but a set of elastic bands or a Swiss ball wouldn't hurt.

Do some squats - Anyone can squat and stand up in any confined space. All you need are your legs and your body weight to make it a challenge.

Stretch - Sometimes, all you need is a good stretch. Rotate your neck, get your arms loosened up, extend your arms and work your ankles. Chances are these will wake you up at the same time.