Obamacare: Who is affected on Oct. 1

So just who should be paying attention to that October 1st launch date for the health care exchange?

Generally, just for people who didn't have coverage at all or people who were unemployed or contractors.

Not those with employer coverage right? Wrong.

Even those like Wendy Townsley and Marueen Moore, who have health benefits from their companies, could benefit from logging on to the new health care marketplace.

But, health insurance experts warn, it's very unlikely the new exchanges could top what your employer provides.

The reason is, you likely won't qualify for a subsidy to drive down those premiums. Annual income, family size, and current coverage are all taken into account.

"The amount of tax credit you're going to get is going to depend on your income, your family size and how your income relates to the national poverty level, and the exchange itself,” says Robert Krughoff, a consumer affairs expert.

Specifically, to qualify, you must make less than four times the federal poverty level. That means just under $46,000 for a single person or about $94,000 for a family of four and you spend more than 9 and 1/2 percent of your income on healthcare costs.