Obamacare rollout: Computer glitches make enrolling difficult, residents say

At the center of the government shutdown is the president's health care plan.
Most Republicans want it delayed for a year, but like it or not, the next phase of the Affordable Care Act is up and running.

All Americans must now have health insurance.

But it’s implementation hasn’t been without some glitches.

Huge demand was overwhelming the government's health care exchange websites on the first day of enrollment.

Johnnie Wood has been trying all day. He hasn't seen any insurance options - only error messages, drop down menus that don't work and messages asking for patience.

“I think it was irresponsible not to be prepared,” Wood says.

The 61-year-old retired flight attendant from Fredericksburg needs health insurance until he qualifies for Medicare.

“I was not able to access, which is what I wanted to know today, how much might I be paying,” Wood says. “That's why I was so excited about the website, you don't get that information when you call.”

Shadonna Harvin, 26, had the same problem.

The Prince George's County community college student hoped she'd spend the morning picking out health insurance for her and her 2-year-old son Anthony.

While he's got his doctor's jacket ready, the Maryland Health Connection website wasn't ready for the opening day demand. So Harvin is doing the application with pen and paper.

“Either way it’s going to get done,” she says. “Either way I need this.”