Norovirus: Alexandria families concerned after illness infects local school

(WJLA) - Seven-year-old Allison Lopez Garcia says she hasn’t been feeling very well after falling ill to a stomach virus that spread quickly through her Alexandria school, John Adams Elementary.

"One kid vomited at lunch, so that's how we didn't go to school today," she says.

Approximately 200 students and 30 teachers and administrators have experienced symptoms of what doctors think is the norovirus.

"And when you eat something you feel like you have to throw up again," describes student Kumani Shomari.

On Friday morning, parents and their children were met at the front door of Adams Elementary by police officers telling them the school had been shut down for the day.

"On Wednesday night, we quarantined one area of the school and we cleaned it; and then the next day, it spread into a couple different wings of the school," explains Tammy Ignacio with Alexandria City Public Schools.

So Alexandria school and health officials decided it was best to close the school for the day while crews go in to do a thorough cleaning.

Officials say that no other schools will close, and at this point, there is no sign that the virus has spread outside of the John Adams community. But families who live in the neighborhoods in close proximity to the school are concerned.

Jamie Frazier’s daughter goes to a neighboring school, and says:

"All the kids that go to John Adams live in the same neighborhood we live in. I told her to wash her hands a lot and make sure not to touch those kids so she doesn't get the virus."