New drug called '25i' infiltrates Loudoun County

(WJLA) - This lush and leafy Loudoun suburb isn’t so secluded or safe from the dangers of drugs.

"It was three girls -- maybe it was spring break, the parents were gone for work, [they] got into some trouble," said Landsowne resident Suha Boswell.

A lot of trouble.

Last week, Sheriff’s deputies responded to a call from a house in the Landsowne subdivision. They believe a drug called 25i prompted the call, and think that the three girls found incoherent and talking erratically at a home here had taken the drug.

"What it is is a synthetic LSD," said Sheriff Mike Chapman with Loudoun County Police. "It's as dangerous and probably more dangerous than LSD."

25i is also called “Smiles” or “N Bomb.” It mimics LSD since it can come in small squares or blotter paper. It can also be ingested in powder form or injected. The three girls were taken to the hospital.

"This is the first time we have seen [this] in this county...we are aggressively investigating where it came from," said Sheriff Chapman.

Some here wonder how the teens got the drug, but then we found a website where it appears to be obtainable. However, the drug is marketed as not for human consumption.