Mommy-Baby Aqua Zumba class in Montgomery County

Mommies, babies and toddlers are splashing around to the tunes of salsa and reggae in Germantown. For the kids, it's play time. But for the mothers, it's a much needed work out.

"It's very difficult to find time to exercise," said Ashley Heitfield. "Usually its just chasing around after her."

During the Mommy-Baby Aqua Zumba class, babies are put into floatation devices while several lifeguards stand by. That way mothers can work out and not have to worry too much about their little ones.

"Its easier for me to do it with her because they have something I can actually put her in and she can swim around while I'm working out instead of me having her in a stroller trying to workout somewhere," explained Chantal Hawkins.

Tanya Phillips has nearly 30 years of fitness experience and she's been teaching Aqua Zumba for the past several years. She says for moms who are always on the move, this class is great for their joints and muscles - combining cardio with resistance training. Phillips has lost 100 pounds working out in water and says it's a great way for new mommies to lose some of that baby weight.

"Instead of having to go on the treadmill and then go to lift weights and spend three hours at the gym, one hour in the water is the same thing," said Phillips.

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