Minnesota man saves life of fellow runner during race

Joseph's life was saved after having a heart attack during a road race. Photo: KARE/CNN

(KARE/CNN) - A man who collapsed while running a road race in Minnesota is now out of a coma, and his life was likely saved by a fellow runner who sprang into action during his hour of need.

Every year at the St. Paul Turkey Trot, thousands step into the cold to give thanks. But when two families crossed paths in the crowd this year, every day became Thanksgiving.

During the Thanksgiving day race, Jeff Joseph collapsed, and when he did, Bruce Kicker jumped into action.

Kicker, a longtime ICU nurse, performed CPR on Joseph, who was having a heart attack at age 34, for about 10 to 12 minutes. Joseph's heart stopped for a period, but Kicker continued doing CPR.

"It was very serious," Kicker said. "He came about as close to dying as you can come."

Joseph spent several weeks in a coma at the hospital where Kicker works. He's now on the road to recovery, and what more, he'll soon be the father of a baby boy.

"God has a plan for all of us," Joseph said. "I believe we are at these places for this reason."