Melanoma on the rise in young women; found on scalp

New research shows that melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer, is being diagnosed at a rapid rate among young women in their 20s. But often times it’s hidden in unusual places that typically go unnoticed.

Hairdresser Theresa Kulstad says she looks for signs of melanoma in places where her clients can’t see.

“Top of the scalp, along the hairline, back of the ear, nape of the neck and crown of the head,” explained Kulstad. “We notice things change in their skin and scalp.”

Melanoma can also develop on the hands and feet.

According to Melanoma Research Foundation, young women in their 20s are especially hit hard. The number of cases has been growing over the last few years and continues to get worse.

The foundation says one in 50 Americans is at risk for developing melanoma during their lifetime, adding that "every eight minutes, someone in the U.S. will be given a melanoma diagnosis."

“Without her pushing me to go see a doctor about it I probably would have waited longer,” said Jen Bosanko of her hairdresser, who first spotted a mole on her scalp. "The melanoma would have grown deeper.”

Doctors say it’s important to catch melanoma early because the life expectancy is typically a year or less for those who are diagnosed in the later stages.

For more information on the Melanoma Research Foundation, click here.

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