Melanoma deaths more likely in young, white men

Young white men are 55 more likely to die from melanoma than women of the same age range, a recent study indicates.

According to the study, which was published in the Journal of the American Medical Association for Dermatology, men of all age ranges are more likely to pass away due to the common type of skin cancer than women within their corresponding age range.

Despite the fact that men account for less than 40 percent of all melanoma cases, the study says that those cases result in nearly 64 percent of melanoma deaths.

"This alarming difference highlights the urgent need for both behavioral interventions to promote early detection strategies in young men and further investigation of the biological basis for the sex disparity in melanoma survival," the researchers said in their final report.

Researchers believe that the female "survival advantage" when suffering from melanoma could be due to better health awareness and maintenance.