Marijuana farmers markets are latest trend

(ABC) - Instead of your typical fruits and vegetables, this particular farmers market is now selling something else that’s green: marijuana.

The first ever cannabis farmers market is open for business in Los Angeles, and dealers from across California are selling “farm to table” pot – with customers getting wholesale prices directly from vendors.

"The idea is obviously to get quality medicine as cheaply as possible...We have sample jars that people can actually touch and feel and smell," says retired Army veteran Jamie Brown.

It’s the latest trend in a booming business. In Washington state, there are already medical marijuana farmers markets and home delivery services. A new food truck is even cooking up weed-laced meals!

And in Colorado, recreational sales have also exploded with the state raking in nearly $11 million in tax revenue during the first four months of this year.

At this California market, you can find cannabis-infused oils, even waffles and pizza laced with marijuana! However – without a medical marijuana card and matching ID, you’re not getting in.

"We verify through the doctor that the doctor is we have to follow all the rules," says Paizley Bradbury with California Heritage Market.

The marijuana market will stay open through the Fourth of July weekend, and if successful, organizers hope to open up shop every day.