Looking to live a long life guys? Live in Fairfax County

A new study ranks Fairfax County as the number one place for the highest life expectancy of men in the nation. At 81.1 years old, men in Fairfax are outliving the rest of the country.

The study looked only at mortality rates across the country, so it’s not clear exactly why Fairfax came in first though access to first class healthcare is likely a large influence.

Others suggest it may be the clean air or even the water.

“I can't complain,” said 89-year-old Fairfax resident Jack Whitely. “I can see why it's a good place to live, also a good place for single men, lots of females in the area.”

Women in Fairfax are faring almost as well. The county came in eighth overall even though female life expectancy is 83 years.

“I'm very, very healthy and eat really well and I think I exercise more than my husband,” said Dorothy McIntire, a Fairfax County resident. “So I'd be very surprised, I'm very surprised.”

See the report here.