Local family to run 'Race for a Cure' together for 16th year in a row

WASHINGTON (WJLA) - For Rana Kahl's 47th birthday, her husband Kevin had a quilt created for her.

It's made out of 15 years of their "Race for a Cure" t-shirts.

"It started out in '98, it was just a race," Kevin said.

But in 2000, that changed - and it became a reason to run for Rana, and hope.

Rana was diagnosed with breast cancer on her 33rd birthday.

She had a lumpectomy and chemo, radiation and hormone therapy.

Doctors told her she would never have children.

"Thankfully, they were wrong about that one - and we ended up having two beautiful little boys," Rana said.

Eleven years later, Rana was diagnosed with breast cancer again, for a second time.

Naturally, her thoughts immediately turned to her children.

"I think it was probably more scary for me to do this as a mom," she said. "Now, I'm thinking - how do I stay here to help raise them, how do I stay to let them know who I am as mom and person?"

Kevin and their sons Aidan and Ethan walk the "Race for the Cure" every year in support of Rana - who is now a two-time breast cancer survivor.

"She's the bravest person I know, and inspires us every day," Kevin says.

Rana likes that money raised by the race goes to research for helping improve treatments for breast cancer patients here in D.C.

"Although my cancer might have appeared worse than the first time, I actually had a milder treatment plan," Rana explains.

Now, as they prepare for their 16th Race for the Cure, Rana says every stitch of Kevin's gift symbolizes each step of her breast cancer journey.

"What Kevin really wanted to tell me was that he got it, and that was really important," Rana said. "He got it - he couldn't stand in my shoes, but he got it."

The Kahl family will be walking in this year's Race for the Cure together on Saturday, May 10.