Kristi Rifkin forced to clock in and out of work to use bathroom

A former T-Mobile employee is speaking out against the company after she says her supervisors made her clock in and out of work to go to the bathroom while she was pregnant.

In an interview with ABC News, 40-year-old Kristi Rifkin, who worked at a T-Mobile call center in Tennessee for four years, was told she'd need a doctor's note to justify why she was going to the bathroom so much.

Rifkin was in the midst of a high-risk pregnancy with her second child and was ordered by her doctors to drink lots of water. However, when she exhausted her two 15-minute breaks and 30-minute lunch period, she says she was forced to use vacation time for her trips to the bathroom.

"If you can't take care of your biological needs in that time period, you don't go," Rifkin told ABC News.

Rifkin was later fired by T-Mobile for what amounted to a clerical error. She told ABC News that she doesn't plan to take legal action based on the cost to do so and Tennessee's status as an at-will employment state.

T-Mobile spokesperson Glenn A. Zaccara told ABC News that “T-Mobile employees enjoy generous benefits including paid-time-off and short and long-term disability coverage. The company has leave of absence policies in line with regulatory requirements.” He did not comment specifically on Rifkin's accusations.