Kraft recalls Singles after supplier fails to store ingredients correctly

NORTHFIELD, Il. (WJLA) - Kraft Foods is recalling more than 7,600 cases of cheese because a supplier did not store ingredients at an appropriate temperature.

The company has issued a recall for its "American Singles Pasteurized Prepared Cheese Product," better known as Kraft Singles. In a press release, Kraft said that a supplier's failure to store ingredients according to temperature standards could lead to premature spoilage or foodborne illness. The company said that such issues are unlikely and that it had not received any complaints related to the recalled products.

All of the recalled products, which include 12, 16 and 64 ounce packages, have use by dates of either February 20 or February 21 of 2015. The affected products were all manufactured at the company's Springfield, Mo., facility and can be identified by case and package codes.

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