Kamilah Barrett's Heel Hop hits D.C.

Heel Hop is the brain child of Washington native, Kamilah Barrett. Barrett's been dancing since she was four.

"I used to take my mom's high heels and go in the basement and strut in front of the mirror," said Barrett. "It became my practice routine, heels became a part of me."

Now she performs in heels, competing on the popular TV show "So You Think You Can Dance", even appearing in music videos alongside superstars. But she's also got a passion for fitness so she decided to create a low impact full body workout designed to help women lose weight while feeling empowered in high heels.

The workout starts with core work on the mat. Soon you're back up on your feet - four inches higher on heels and working to strengthen your body from the ground up. Participants walk away pumped.

"It makes certain that you can walk well in heels and that you tuck in your abs, tighten your thighs and align your legs appropriately, which is very practical if your someone like me.," said one participant.

Kamilah lives in L.A. and only teaches in the nation's capital when she's in town. But she just put out a DVD, making it easier for ladies to "pump" up in the comfort of their own home.