K-E Diet has brides shedding pounds and not eating for days

(Photo: Peter J. Bellis)

In the latest trend that has people attempting to lose significant amounts of weight in compressed amounts of time, some women are taking to new extremes to fit into their wedding dresses.

Undertaking a method called Ketogenic Enteral Nutrition, or the K-E Diet, women are paying thousands of dollars to not eat for more than a week.

Instead, as ABC News reports, these women are paying upwards of $1,500 to have a doctor administer a feeding tube which drips protein-enriched fluid directly into a persons stomach.

The program promises that you'll lose upwards of 20 pounds in 10 days.

"Within a few hours and your hunger and appetite go away completely, so patients are actually not hungry at all for the whole 10 days," Dr. Oliver Di Pietro, a Florida physician who helps women use the diet, told ABC News.

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