Jacob's Ride: Landis to bike 10,500 miles to support cochlear implants

Jacob Landis.

Combining his passion for baseball and cycling, Jacob Landis is riding more than 10,000 miles, to every major league ballpark.

His goal is to raise $1 million to help children benefit from cochlear implants. This personal journey is a way for him to give back what he once lost.

This is no ordinary bike ride. And Jacob Landis is not your typical 24-year-old.

"This ride will hopefully get 100 children cochlear implants," Landis says.

Landis will spend the next six months on the road, taking his journey to 30 baseball stadiums, all while raising money and awareness for a cause that hits close to home.

He had progressive hearing loss as a child. By age 10, he received a cochlear implant, a small electronic device that provides a sense of sound. The surgery changed his life, and he's now hoping to share the gift of hearing.

"The more time goes by that people can't afford the surgery or can't get the surgery, the less effective it will be," Landis says.

"The challenge for someone without insurance is trying to foot a $70-100,000 bill," says Eileen Jones, founder of Gift of Hearing Foundation, which helps patients who can't cover the costs of the procedure.

But with proceeds from Jacob's Ride, her group plus other organizations will make the surgery a reality for many cochlear-implant candidates.

Jacob set off Wednesday, bound for stop number one - Nats Park. His 175-day journey comes to an end September 24th at the Marlins Stadium in Miami.

Until then, he'll be averaging 80 miles a day, and throughout his ride, his cousin will be following closely behind in a van.

Follow him or learn more on Jacob's website and on his Facebook page.