Hybrid exercising: Piloxing and Barre Ride

Pilates and boxing? Ballet and cycling? All are great on their own, but many say they’re even better together.

Several times a week XSport Fitness in Alexandria is packed with people “Piloxing” their way to good health. It's a unique, interval-based combination class of Pilates and boxing.

Sarah Covelli leads the class. She says crowds are drawn to it because it burns fat and increases your heart rate.

“You get the people that maybe like their mind body classes, but don't get enough cardio,” explained Covelli. “Or they love their cardio but are kind of afraid to walk into a Pilates or yoga class.”

It's those same kinds of people who are flocking to Revolve Fitness in Arlington for their signature Barre Ride - a hybrid of traditional spinning and ballet-barre inspired movements.

“We wanted to put those two together into one class where people could get a sweaty, heart-pumping workout,” said Francina Segbefia, Barre Ride Instructor. “And then do the toning exercises after.”

So far this class has been a hit. The Barre Ride touts a total body workout.

“It’s meant for everyone, from beginners to advanced athletes,” said Alexandria Gardner, Revolve Manager. “You have complete control over your resistance of the bike so whether you need to take breaks or turn it up, it’s really meant to be for everybody.”

Research shows cardio fitness helps protect against heart disease. It also improves mood, enhances energy, promotes sleep and manages weight.
These are reasons why Sean Lynch says he'll continue to let his girlfriend drag him to class.

“You can tell after the first week or two that you are definitely starting to lose weight and feel a lot better,” said Lynch.