Healthy Lunchtime Challenge kids meet First lady Michelle Obama

Thirteen hundred children entered the "Healthy Lunchtime Challenge” but only one child from each of the 50 states, three territories and D.C. won a seat at Tuesday's kids state dinner.

They won for creating a healthy and affordable recipe.

On Tuesday, they sampled some of their top recipes at the white house with First Lady Michelle Obama.

“Become a leader,” she says. “You guys are more than equipped to do it - you're already doing it. So keep working hard.”

They also got to dance with the first lady and had a surprise visitor – President Barack Obama.

The president stopped by to praise the group for leading the country toward healthier living.

“Not only are you going to live a better life, but helping to create a stronger, healthier America,” he said.

The group finished the day with a visit to the White House gardens.