Hand lift procedure: Plastic surgery to cure veiny hands gaining popularity

In Madonna's Super Bowl halftime performance, the 53-year-old looked extremely fit and much younger than her age.

But her gloves sparked online speculation that she might be using them to hide wrinkly, old-looking hands.

For years, Madonna and 47-year-old Sarah Jessica Parker have been criticized for having veiny, bony hands that make them look older.

D.C. artist Evie Jones said that's exactly what she doesn't like about her own hands.

"My hands, since I was 25, have looked like 60," Jones said. "I've had friends look at me and go, 'Oh my god, what's wrong with your hands?'"

Jones' hands bother her so much, she's getting a "hand lift" — a procedure many plastic surgeons currently offer.

"It's definitely increasing in frequency," said Dr. Marwan Khalifeh, a plastic surgeon in Chevy Chase, Md.

Dr. Khalifeh said as people age, the skin on their hands gets thinner, which exposes their tendons and veins.

To rejuvenate old-looking hands, a filler, like Radiesse, is injected.

"That basically lifts up the skin and masks the areas between the tendons and areas between the veins," Dr. Khalifeh said.

A laser or chemical peel helps erase brown age spots on the skin.

The 20-minute procedure may cause bruising for a few days, but results can be dramatic.

Jones had her first hand lift a few years ago and loved the improvement. Because results only last about a year, she came back for round two.{ }

"They're nice hands. They look good; I'm not bothered by them anymore," she said.

The procedure costs about $1,500. Doctors say the best way to keep your hands looking young is to wear sunscreen on them every day.

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