Halloween 2013: Best types of candy for your dental health

(WJLA) - If you're a parent trying to figure out how to handle the candy deluge that comes with children and Halloween, a national dental company says that there are certain types of sweets that are better for your teeth than others.

Tossing aside any idea that candy of any sort is healthy, Delta Dental says that if you're looking out for your child's teeth - or yours, because let's face it, you'll eat some candy too - sugar-free or powdery candy is the best bet for your dental health.

This includes chocolate bars, which Delta's chief dental officer says dissolves quickly and doesn't stick to teeth.

When sugar remains on teeth for extended periods, bacteria feeds on it and produces cavity-causing acid," Delta CDO Michel Couret said in a release.

No candy or sweets are good for your teeth in general, Couret says, but varieties of hard and chewy candy certainly can cause more pronounced damage to teeth than others.

The chances of your kid's stash being full of chocolate is inordinately high, anyway - a survey indicates that 86 percent of children will eat it on or shortly after Halloween.