GMA anchor Amy Robach opens up about cancer struggles

(WJLA) - In the midst of juggling her anchor duties and being a mom, Amy Robach is now facing her biggest challenge: breast cancer.

“The last six months have been anything but boring...extreme highs and extreme lows. And I know this may sound a little cheesy, but the truth is, the show saved my life," she says.

Robach wants to send a message to other busy women: put your health first.

She put off a mammogram, blaming her work and mom schedule. Then the 40-year-old reluctantly agreed to her first one on-air – only after co-worker and cancer survivor Robin Roberts convinced her it might help others.

Robach never expected it would be her life saved, especially with no history of breast cancer in her family.

“It just didn't dawn on me that it was possible, so it was the shock of a lifetime," she says.

Robach credits her family, husband – actor and internet entrepreneur Andrew Shue – her children, and stepchildren, as well as her work family, for helping her push through the fear:

“I think anyone who's fighting this knows what I'm talking about. You're so consumed with doctors and needles and tests, and to just be able to feel normal again...Coming here to work every day saved me -- even when I didn't want to come."

Robach tries not to show it on camera, but admits the treatment has taken its toll. She has shared some of the journey to help others -- from the chemo to the thinning hair to a recent special family moment the day she came home from her final treatment:

“My daughters, who have been amazing during this entire process, have been so strong and have been so beautiful. They had decorated my apartment door with 'No more chemo! We're proud of you!'"