Freezing cold brings the 'Winter Blues'

(WJLA) - It’s been cold, windy, and grey. Along with that weather comes seasonal depression, which is real and getting to some of us.

"I can't take this -- something's got to give," said Donovan Robinson.

Call it the blues or depression, psychologists say it’s common this time of year where there are fewer hours of sunshine and lots of bitter cold that keeps folks indoors for long stretches of time.

The lack of outdoor recess for the kids at school makes everybody in my house a little bit crazy," said Heather McCann.

Just ask any mother of young children – with no recess time at school, there are few opportunities to burn off energy, which isn’t good for any family.

Carolyn Ruyak has three young kids, and says she just had to get at least one of them some exercise, which is why she and many other fellow moms bundled up their kids and packed into Silver Stars Gym for an afternoon class for the little ones.

You wouldn’t think the National Zoo would be the place to find a lot of people during this arctic blast, but Kara Broelli and her friend from California came to try and shake off the winter blues and cabin fever that were setting in.

“We thought despite the cold, this would be a great day to get out and meet the baby panda we've been waiting to see," said Broelli.

And Bao Bao didn’t disappoint. For several of these visitors, the winter gloom went away for a few precious moments.