Frederick News-Post employee tests positive for tuberculosis

FREDERICK COUNTY, Md. (WJLA) - An employee of the Frederick News-Post has tested positive for tuberculosis, prompting the Frederick County Health Department to implement communicable disease protocols.

The News-Post reports that the employee, whose gender and identity have not been released, is in home isolation while being treated for the disease.

The Health Department is working to notify and test those who may be at risk of contracting TB, and following up with the patient's observed treatment to clear up any active infections, a health official told the publication.

This is the sixth confirmed case of tuberculosis in Frederick County this year, the News-Post reports.

TB is a bacterial illness that primarily affects the lungs but can involve other organs.

A health official told the News-Post that one of the most difficult aspects of TB cases is that it can take up to eight weeks to receive test results from a suspected patient from a laboratory.

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