Fat freezing newest, coolest movement in weight loss

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      Like many women and mothers her age - 46-year-old Monique Robinson wants to tighten and tone her body.

      But, after spending countless hours in the gym without losing that dreaded "pooch," Robinson is turning to different measures to rid herself of those extra inches.

      "I was hoping that this technique might help get those areas that just come along after getting older," Robinson said.

      The procedure is called CoolSculptingit's a non-surgical device just approved by the FDA that works by freezing fat cells to the point where they break down. So, instead of burning fat off at the gym, you can freeze it off at the doctor's office.

      "It was like jumping into a cold ice bath," Robinson said.

      The whole process takes about an hour and begins with a gel patch put on the skin. A suction applicator is then put on to the fatty area, cooling it and then finally numbing it.

      "It's basically a non-surgical liposuction," said Dr. Scott Gerrish, who is one of a handful of doctors in the area offering CoolSculpting.


      He says it is an ideal option for men and women who are in relatively good shape but just cannot get rid of that muffin top, love-handles or pesky back fat. The website boasts that "developed by Harvard scientists, our unique, patented, clinically proven procedure involves freezing fat cells without damage to your skin. There's no knife. No suction hoses. No needles. No lasers, even. After your treatment, you get on with your busy day."

      Zeltiqthe manufacturer of CoolSculptingsays the majority of people see a 20-percent reduction in fat.

      "Patients are incredibly happy that they can walk out, lose a bump or bulge, maybe an inch around their waist, and have no down time and go right back to working out," Gerrish said.

      Kat Mahan is one of those happy customers. She came to Dr. Gerrish about a year ago.

      "I believe I started to see results in about two weeks, I felt it in my waist band in my pants," Mahan said.

      CoolSculpting does carry risks like bruising, pigment loss and frost bite. It also will not work for anyone who is overweightit just works for those with concentrated pockets of fat.

      But, for many, like Monique Robinson, the positives outweigh the negatives.

      "I'm hoping that this just does the trick for me and I'll be happy with the results," Robinson said.

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      Offices in our area offering CoolSculpting:

      Melda Isaac, MD & Christine DeWitt, MD2440 M Street NWSuite 703Washington, DC 20037202-393-SKIN (7546)

      Tina Alster, MD & Elizabeth Tanzi, MD1430 K StreetNW Suite 200Washington, DC 200071-202-684-8571

      Jennifer MacGregor, MD1430 K StreetNW Suite 200Washington, DC 20007(202) 628-8855

      Drew Varano, MD2 Wisconsin CircleSuite 220Chevy Chase, MD 20815301-200-1062

      Tina B. West, MD5530 Wisconsin AveChevy Chase, MD 20815301-909-5772

      Vineet Mehan, MD3289 Woodburn Rd., # 245Annandale, VA 22003703-672-8506

      Roberta F. Palestine, MD & Geeta M. Shah, MD6410 Rockledge Dr.Suite 201Bethesda, MD 20817301-969-2004

      Scott Gerrish, MD112 Pleasant Street, SWVienna, VA 22180(571) 723-4338

      Christopher L. Hess, M.D.3930 Pender Dr.Suite 120Fairfax, VA 22030703-752-6608

      Timothy S. Mountcastle, M.D.21785 Filigree Ct.Suite 208Ashburn, VA 20147703-858-3208