FaceTime facelift: Plastic surgery for iPhone and Skype users

Jennifer Miller began using Skype four years ago, and seeing herself in this new way on her computer screen startled her.

"I noticed that the jowls and neck line were sagging. I thought to myself, 'Oh my gosh — do I look like this?'" Miller said.

Miller said she doesn't like her jaw line or her neck. She thinks they make her look a lot older when, she says, she feels young inside.

Miller decided to get a new type of facelift dubbed the "FaceTime facelift" by Dr. Robert Sigal, who invented the idea because of his wife.

"[She] didn't like the way she looked when she got an iPad and FaceTime with our daughters," Dr. Sigal said.

A traditional facelift would leave a scar under a person's chin that would show up while video chatting. Instead, Dr. Sigal makes an incision behind the ears.

"The goal is to lift the tissues from behind," he said. "Then we use sling and modifications to bring muscle back and change direction."

Miller had the procedure two weeks ago, and though she's still a bit bruised, she's already thrilled with the results, a 50th birthday present for herself.

"I love it, I love it," she said. "I have such great definition now and the jowls are gone and everyone I know says I look so much younger."

A "facetime facelift" procedure costs about $10,000.