Face slapping the newest cosmetic procedure?

People will go to great lengths to hold on to youth, but paying $350 to get your face slapped is a bit much.

But, it seems that there’s a market for that type of thing. A San Francisco-based woman that goes by the name Tata is offering the procedure at{ }her massage parlor and promises that it is “one million percent safe,” according to ABC News.

Tata, whose real name is Rassameesaitarn Wongsirodkul and was born in Bangkok, says that the face-slapping is a means to get firmer skin.

"Face slapping brings out your hidden beauty potential, without invasive procedures. And it's 100 percent chemical free. I am proud to be the only one to bring the face slapping knowledge … to the western hemisphere," Tata says in an online video, according to ABC.

Tata is the co-owner of Tata Massage in San Francisco's Richmond District with her husband, Mawin Sombuntham.

Sombuntham told ABC News that Tata went through a month of training with professional face slapper Kung Khemika, who runs her own parlor in Bangkok and has dozens of customers per day.

"It's a very closely guarded knowledge. Tata is only one of 10 students that the teacher wants in her lifetime," Sombuntham said, according to ABC.