Evan Gill's birthmark gone, skin healing well

Young Evan had surgery to remove the birthmark on his forehead. Photo: Gill family

When ABC7 first introduced you to 9-month-old Evan Gill, he was a healthy and happy baby boy who looked just a little different. He was born with a large birthmark on his forehead and doctors recommended removing it because it carries a risk of skin cancer and possible psychological damage.

In preparation for that surgery, every Friday for three months Evan’s parents injected saline into a tissue expander implanted on the other side of his forehead to grow the new skin doctors needed to cover the birthmark area.

“It was a little bit challenging, something you never think you’ll have to do, poke your child in the head every week for eleven weeks,” says Ashley Gill, Evan’s mother.

With the surgery complete, Evan is starting 2013 with a new look. His birthmark is gone and his new skin is healing quite well.

“I think it looks great. If this is two and a half weeks post-surgery, it’s only going to get better,” says Gill.

Evan’s scar will take about a year to heal, but they hope its placement along his brow and hairline will help it blend in.

“He’s going to have a scar for the rest of his life, but the hope is we did this early enough to the point where the scar will be very minimal,” says Jeff Gill, his father.

“It makes me feel good. Jeff and I think his spirits are much better now that this is past us,” says Ashley.

The Gills say a Facebook support group for parents going through this made the process much easier. They advise parents considering this treatment to reach out to the groups as well.