Epicure, George Washington Medical Faculty Associates

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Several of D.C.'s top chefs are teaming up with top docs and whipping up recipes for healthy living. Their cooking is being broadcast for diabetics, cancer patients, pregnant women and more on dozens of waiting room televisions and online.

You may think you flipped on the Food Network but these recipes are just what the doctor ordered.

“We're not here just to prescribe medications,” explained Dr. Lisa McGrail, Medical Oncologist. “But we're here really because we care about them and we care about their families.”

Dr. Lisa McGrail is one of several George Washington Medical Faculty Associates taking a break from the exam room for a field trip to the kitchen. They're launching a series of healthy cooking videos featuring our area's finest chefs.

Chef Robert Wiedmaier of Marcel's is stirring up a dairy-free, super fruit smoothie in one episode - one recipe he says helped him shed 35 pounds two years ago.

“I've been asked the question, why did you pick this drink? Why didn't you do one of your fancy dishes,” said Chef Wiedmaier. “But this particular dish is something that you can go to any grocery store and buy coconut water, buy almond milk.”

His entire recipe is being broadcast on dozens of waiting room televisions down the road. The million patients coming to George Washington every year can enjoy a variety of healthy eating videos called "Epicure with the Chef MDs" - all hosted by familiar foodie, Marc Silverstein.

“The chefs show you how to make it nice and easy,” explained Marc Silverstein, host and former Food Network personality. “And then the doctors are there to explain why it's healthy.”

Ashley Foster of southeast D.C. has her eyes on Pregnancy Tapas at the Hamilton.

“When you're pregnant, you want to eat everything. French fries, burgers all this stuff,” explains Ashley Foster. “But it's just good and refreshing when you're in the doctor's office to have that video to tell you exactly what to eat, what's healthy for you.”

The doctors and chefs behind season one hope this is just the beginning of more videos to come.

You can watch the series yourself at www.gwdocs/epicure. And you can download a free cookbook from the series by clicking here.