Dr. Katy: Zeuterin is new alternative to surgical neutering

(WJLA) - Yvette Enge wants to make sure that her pet Stonewall can’t have any puppies:

"Baby Stonewalls would be great, but it's all right -- we don't need them," she says.

However, she ran into a slight issue when she suggested the idea of neutering to her husband.

"My husband, like most male dog owners, just winced at the idea of surgical castration," Enge explains.

So they searched online and found a new alternative called Zeuterin. Instead of surgery, it’s an injection given under sedation.

According to Dr. Katy, Zeuterin was recently approved by the FDA for use in male dogs between three and ten months of age.

Washington Animal Rescue League’s medical director Dr. Janet Rosen says the shelter just started using this option:

"The procedure is faster than doing surgery, and that's a wonderful thing for shelters."

Dr. Rosen also says that it’s just as effective as neutering and costs about the same – but has fewer complications and a shorter recovery time.

"One of the benefits of Zeuterin is that it does not eliminate all of the male hormone, and there are increasing concerns about eliminating all male hormones -- especially in large breed dogs," she says.

Dr. Rosen is hoping Zeuterin will appeal to more dog owners who are hesitant about neutering their dogs.

Meanwhile, Enge says this is a win-win compromise in their household, and they’re happily spreading the word.

"We've been saying that Stonewall was going to be Zeutered!" she says.