Diet soda, new studies reveal health issues

Think you’re being health conscious by cutting calories? Think again. Some studies now suggest that calorie-free colas can cause cell damage and kick start kidney problems.

Many doctors, like Patricia Davidson at Washington Hospital Center, try to steer people away from artificially sweetened diet drinks.

"What some people call a mad scientist's dream,” said Dr. Patricia Davidson, Cardiologist, about the dangers of diet soda. “It's a whole group of chemicals that have been put together by a chemist and we're drinking this."

Other studies indicate cell damage, reproductive issues, metabolism problems and obesity – all linked to diet sodas. A Harvard study of 3,000 women revealed abnormalities in the kidneys. Many doctors say the biggest problem with diet soda is that the artificial sweetener actually makes you crave more food.

Another potential problem, an Australian study indicates cocktails made with diet cola can worsen a hangover because the chemicals in diet drinks can cause the body to absorb alcohol faster.