Dental bib clips harbor bacteria, Tufts study

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Up to 70 percent of dental bib clips could contain bacteria.That's according to a new study from Tufts University School of Dental Medicine and the Forsyth Institute.

According to researchers, the clips used to fasten the dental bibs harbor bacteria, even after the clips had undergone standard disinfection.

The oral bacteria most likely landed on the bib clips from:

• Patients' spattered saliva during dental treatment
• Gloved hands of dentists before or during treatment
• Patients' hands during treatment

Dentist Dr. Sally Cram said, "When you open up that package, there's no bacteria on that at all...And many dentists do also just disinfect them, not sterilize them. They can spray them or wipe them with disinfectants. But according to this study, apparently, that is not quite as effective as sterilizing them. Sterilizing them kills all the bacteria.

A sealed autoclave machine heats equipment up to 200 degrees, killing all of the germs.

More details from this study from Medical Daily.

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