D.C. Health Link: Church encourages residents to enroll for healthcare

(WJLA) - At the Good Success Christian Church in Northeast D.C. this morning, there was prayer as well as a push to get people signed up for healthcare.

Southeast resident Kevin Collins was dropped by his insurance company several months ago because of pre-existing health conditions. So on Sunday, while taking time from worship, he worked once again to get coverage.

Collins is one of several people to take action here today ahead of Monday’s Obamacare deadline. People who want coverage by January 1 must sign up by December 23.

All across the country, enrollment efforts continue to intensify. Volunteers from D.C. Health Link, the city’s exchange, have been out in full force at community centers and events, trying to talk to people to get them to sign up.

According to POLITICO, earlier this month only about 5,000 people in the nation’s capital had signed up.

As the enrollment drive continues, so does the call to delay penalties for those who don’t get insurance. On Sunday morning, West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin said that people need more time:

"This whole 2014 will be a transitional year to find out where our glitches are and how to keep us healthy."